Young Jack and Hannah finally get airborne with AWB's "On Track" project

Jack was another of our award winners of an experience flight from our aviation careers event at Stansted Airport College way back in November 2019. His mother drove him from Cheshire, a journey of 3 hours each way, so he could attend.

Like the others his flight was also delayed with the lock downs but, after school closed for Christmas, he took a chance and booked his flight on 17th December. His choice could not have been better for not only was his timing perfect with the new lock down but the sun also shone on the day and he managed to fly. What a wonderful early Christmas present!

Here Jack tells of his flight:

‘I had a great day,’ said Jack. ‘It was an incredible experience and I loved taking the controls.I had a great chat with the instructor too.’

He now has a career path in mind to become a private pilot,’ added his mum, ‘leading to being an instructor one day! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!’

Hannah had her flight experience with North Weald Flight Training and was lucky to pick a day with great weather and little wind. 

Here she tells of her experience:
“I found it really exciting! A real thrill! Seeing the size of these 2-man planes, the engine and wing span, is a real treat. The mechanical influence and physical structure are quite incredible. I flew over Essex and felt it brought real perspective. It made the world feel quite small! Thank you for the opportunity and experience.”

Encouraging young people into aviation with our "On Track" project


Our “On Track” project aims to inspire young people into aviation. After our introductory event at Stansted Airport College last year, we are now able to fly the five promising youngsters who were awarded a one hour trial flight and the chance of a Boeing 737 simulator experience!

Our first candidate, Juan, enjoyed his first flying lesson at North Weald Flying Club last week. Juan learnt about the world of aviation and the principles of flying from his experienced flight instructor, Sabine. 

He found it a great experience – in particular, the opportunity to put into practice the rolling manoeuvre! Congratulations Juan!


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Delivering water purifying kits to communities in Uganda

We are so happy to announce that AWB has now resumed humanitarian air cargo shipments with a 350kgs load of water purifying kits from Lifewater having has just been shipped to Entebbe in Uganda.

With much of the aviation world having been grounded for six months it has been a difficult time for the air cargo world with aircraft space plummeting, costs soaring and covid -19 support taking priority.

There is also a need, however, for other vital projects such as the distribution of water purifying kits in Uganda where the highest cause of death among young children is drinking contaminated water.

Lifewater does fantastic work in Uganda where the water purifying kits are assembled and distributed free to hospitals, clinics, schools and infant centres. The filtered water helps keep the children healthy and saves many young lives.


You can donate via our website or by texting e.g. AVIATION £5 (max £20) to 70085. We appreciate your support.


British Airways 747 Fleet Retired

20th July 2020

British Airways recently announced they are retiring their entire fleet of 31 747s and we wanted to commemorate this most memorable aircraft.

Stanley Stewart, our AWB chairperson, was a 747 captain with British Airways and of his 30 years in the airline he flew the 747 for 23 years. After BA he flew 747 freighters for another 6 years with Airfreight Express, a small cargo airline, so in total flew the 747 for 29 years.

Here are a few words from Stan for all you aviation enthusiasts:
“The Boeing 747 – a magnificent aircraft and the ‘Queen of the skies’! In retirement I am a volunteer with AWB but in my ‘real life’ I was a 747 pilot.

It was a wonderful aircraft, slow and cumbersome on the ground but beautiful and a joy to fly in the air. Watching the huge 747 coming towards you on its approach to land was site to behold. I was so impressed with the aircraft I wrote a book about it, ‘Flying the Big Jets’, and it is sad to see the entire BA 747 fleet dismissed at one stroke.

If you would like to ask a 747 pilot a question but couldn’t find a pilot to ask then email your question to and I will do my best to answer”.

Aviation Without Borders Feature In The Inside Aviation Magazine

2nd July 2020

Aviation Without Borders UK featured in the Inside Aviation Magazine – May edition! Read more about our humanitarian efforts within the UK and overseas. You can find the full article via this link:

Smiling Wings Event Receives Grant From Heathrow Community Trust

26th June 2020

AWB is proud to announce that our annual Smiling Wings Learning Event is now supported by The Heathrow Community Trust.

The organisation was awarded the donation under the Heathrow Community Trust’s Heathrow Active People Initiative (HAPi), run in partnership with Heathrow Airport.

The Scheme is specially designed to help Heathrow staff support voluntary groups and clubs they’re actively involved with. Eva Gil Llacer has volunteered with AWB for the past 3 years and has supported our initiatives, including Smiling Wings Learning Event, whilst working in the Cargo Management Team at Heathrow Airport.

This event is aimed at improving the wellbeing and future of 40 young carers between 9-15 years old from “Warwickshire Young Carers”, allowing them to spend a day at their local flying clubs at Leicester and Wellesbourne airport.

For many disadvantaged children and young people, a flight in a small aircraft is a chance of a lifetime.

The impact of this annual event on their self-esteem and confidence makes a significant change to their future ability to cope with day-to-day obstacles.

Although our event is on hold due to the current global situation, we wanted to show our appreciation to The Heathrow Community Trust for providing us with this opportunity to make a difference to the lives of so many.

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18th June 2020

Aviation Without Borders statement on Black Lives Matter: “Aviation Without Borders is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance through aviation services irrespective of politics, religion, race or nationality. We stand with people of all backgrounds, especially at this time with the black community, and embrace the diversity of those who give by helping and of those we help by giving. #blacklivesmatter