AWB Water Purifying Kits Shipments – Uganda

Aviation Without Borders continues to support Lifewater in their ongoing shipments of water purifying kits to Uganda.

Lifewater supplies kits to village projects in rural Uganda, whilst also distributing this desperately needed equipment to the two biggest refugee camps in Uganda, Kyaka II Camp in the centre of the country and Rhino Camp in the Northeast.

Kyaka II Camp was first opened in the 1990s to house refugees fleeing from the pending Rwandan genocide. Today, most of the new arrivals are from Eastern DR Congo, where they had fled from indiscriminate attacks from brutal local militia groups.

Within the last 12 months, the Kyaka II Camp has grown from 30,000 to almost 70,000 inhabitants.

The second camp, Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, is near to the South Sudanese border. This Camp houses refugees who have fled, over a number of years, from war-torn South Sudan, and the camp currently supports over 100,000 people.

We are pleased to share that three loads of water purifying kits, amounting to a total of 563kgs, or over half a ton, have been air-freighted to these camps in Uganda in just under two months.

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