AWB Fundraising Campaign on Behalf of International Health Partners

As we witness a humanitarian crisis unfold in Ukraine, Aviation Without Borders (AWB) UK is launching a fundraising campaign on behalf of International Health Partners (IHP) UK who are the biggest distributers of donated medical goods in Europe.

More than 2 million Ukrainians have fled the fighting, almost all women and children in equal proportions, an exodus of refugees on a scale not seen in Europe since World War II. Almost 60% have escaped to Poland with others going to Hungary, Moldovia, Romania and Slovakia. Medicines are desperately needed to deliver essential health care and IHP are helping to provide medical supplies.

IHP’s first wave of response over the next few weeks is to ship to Poland Essential Health Packs (EHPs) containing a broad range of primary health medicines from life-saving antibiotics to treatments for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension where severe health complications or even death can result without them. The packs will be distributed in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to provide medical support for refugees fleeing the war.

The initial response will include 59 packs containing 47,259 treatments with a total value of £111,000 and IHP can typically ship £10 worth of medicines for every £1.00 donated. The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) fundraises as a unit on behalf of 15 leading UK charity aid organisations but IHP is not one of them.

AWB and IHP is asking you to join us in responding to the needs of the Ukrainian people and we thank you for considering this emergency appeal.

Donate via the following link:

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