Smiling Wings Day, Leicester Airport, 24th June

Aviation Without Borders launched its first Smiling Wings Day of the summer on Saturday 24th June when Leicestershire Aero Club invited 35 youngsters from Warwickshire Young Carers to Leicester Airport for the day to take them on a flight of their lives.
It was a very warm day with sun, light wind and good visibility, so a great day for an outing and a perfect day for flying. Two of the young people were happy with just a little taxi round the airport but the other 33 all had a chance to enjoy the experience of a flight in a light aircraft.
Leicestershire Aero Club looked after their young passengers very well, giving them a talk on flying, a tour of the airport and they even provided a buffet lunch.
Aviation Without Borders helps to organise the event and to fund the flying 50/50 with the pilots while the youngsters fly free, so it is win/win all round. Most of these kids had never flown before and the experience can raise self esteem, boost confidence and give a sense of achievement. It can, and does, also help change young lives for the better.

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