Aviation Without Borders (AWB) is an exciting UK aviation charity dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance through aviation services irrespective of politics, religion, race or nationality.

“The intention”, explains one volunteer, “is not to sit idly by, but to act, and to do so not just for the success of the charity or our own satisfaction, but mostly to help others. The motivation comes from the heart.”

Aviation Without Borders is involved in three main activities:

Air cargo shipmentsAir Cargo Shipments
Air cargo shipments of medical and other humanitarian supplies

Smiling WingsNational Fly Kids Day
An annual ‘aviation discovery’ fun day in the UK for children with special needs

Aircraft missionsAircraft Operations
Humanatarian air transport links with light aircraft in support of other NGOs

Like no other UK aviation charity, Aviation Without Borders is unique in using the talents and skills of the aviation community, and beyond, in such a worthwhile humanitarian manner.

Volunteers face many operating difficulties but the work is fascinating and rewarding for those involved. “Our aim is to try and combat misfortune and poverty in the world, but sometimes it feels like we are fighting The Hundred Years’ War.”