Spitfire Scramble!

On 5th September 2017 our intrepid winner of last year’s Spitfire raffle, Andy Reid, finally managed to claim his prize and make it into the air. Andy, from Edinburgh, is an experience light aircraft pilot who owns a Cessna 182 so he was ideally suited to be the winner of such a fabulous raffle.

Andy was scheduled to fly with Boultbee’s wonderful Spitfire based at Goodwood in the south of England on two previous occasions but with poor weather on the first visit and a technical fault on the second his journeys south were disappointing. On his first trip to Goodwood, however, he did manage a short taxi out to the runway threshold before the weather closed in so his time wasn’t entirely wasted.  

By the time of Andy’s third scheduled attempt Boultbee were spreading the Spitfire‘s wings and were basing it for about a week at time at different airports. By good fortune Boultbee stationed their aircraft at Cumbernauld Airport near Glasgow at the Beginning of September so Andy not only had a much shorter journey time but he managed to claim his prize as well.

The weather wasn’t ideal with some low cloud and showers but good enough to fly and Andy was able to realise his dream.  After flying over Scotland’s ‘green and pleasant land’ to the roar of the Merlin engine and being given the chance to fly it himself he was over the moon. ‘I can’t thank you guys enough’, he enthused, ‘for this opportunity to fly in such a marvellous machine’.

The website will be updated later with Andy’s own story of his experience and a video of his flight will also be uploaded but, in the meantime, if you wish to try and fulfil your dream of flying in a Spitfire you still have the chance to purchase a ticket for this year’s fabulous Spitfire raffle.

Not only that, but your contribution will go towards flying hundreds of deserving children throughout the UK on 9th June next year on our next National Fly Kids Day, an event that helps change children’s lives for the better. Please help support this special day.