No. 1 feat

HAV London 10k pre race runners photo 2016_s

The happy runners from the left – Annabel Austin, Susan McGlennan, Philippa Murrey and Chris Ellis

The fantastic fundraising feats all took place in one week in July beginning on the 10th when four staff members of Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) ran in the London Vitality 10K Run. It is a privilege for AWB to be the chosen charity of HAV and to be associated with such a dynamic company. By a fantastic effort the four managed to beat their own fundraising target of £1,000 and AWB would like to say a huge thank you to the runners for their contribution.  Below they tell their own stories.

HAV logoAviation Without Borders (AWB) is Hybrid Air Vehicles’ (HAV) obvious chosen charity partner as it is an exciting aviation charity as well as perfectly complementing our potential role in delivering relief during a crisis. We ensure we do our bit every year, ranging from individual and team fundraising, to asking for a donation whenever we give a lecture to groups outside the company.

So far this summer we have supported National Kids Fly Day with a donation of £500 for fuel at the Old Warden Aerodrome event, plus wider promotion through our social media and newsletters. In mid-July our four-lady strong team decided to follow in the footsteps of the previous years’ HAV team and stormed the London Vitality 10K in just over an hour, raising over £1,000 for AWB in the process. A big thank you to everyone who offered their support via the fundraising page or on the day. Of course, any last minute donations are still very much welcome!

Philippa: “The atmosphere on the day was just fantastic and the support from the crowd really spurred us on (as well as the fantastic drummers along the route!). It was also great to have a number of other runners ask who we were raising money for and be able to spread the word about AWB – hopefully encouraging others to get involved with the cause in the future!”

Annabel: “Everybody involved in the run – whether they were running, providing entertainment, organising the event, or there simply to cheer people on – were all really encouraging and supportive. It was a truly great thing to have attended and has provided AWB with over £1000 worth of donations. This is definitely something to be proud of, and we’re all really glad we took part!”

Hybrid Air Vehicles is proud of its association with AWB and to date and we have secured over £3,500 of donations. We look forward to continuing to support and promote them in the coming years.  If you would like to learn more about Hybrid Air Vehicles or are interested in becoming one of our annual supporters, then please visit our website for more information.

No. 2 feat 

One of AWB’s intrepid volunteers, Jason Dwarika, found inspiration from our ‘Fundraising Pack’ on our website and on the 14th of July bravely set himself the task of going flying in an aircraft – without an engine!  By the end of the week he was off to Farnborough on the 16th and 17th of July to sell tickets for our ‘Flight in a Spitfire’ raffle, a task at which he proved to be spectacularly successful.  A huge thank you goes to Jason for an amazing fundraising effort and below he tells his own daring tale!


Flying Without an Engine!  I recently joined Aviation Without Borders as I was deeply moved by their efforts, in which they have previously sent toys for refugee kids fleeing the war in Syria. Having a child of my own, I understood the impact their actions were having on these innocent lives and I wanted to help, so I decided to start fundraising immediately.

20160714_163810_sAs a keen aviation enthusiast and aspiring pilot, I chose to do gliding from the list of activities/ideas in the AWB ‘fundraising pack’.  I set up a JustGiving page, starting spreading the word and booked into The Southdown Gliding Club in Pulborough, a neighbouring town to the north of my home in Bognor Regis.

My first attempt was cancelled owing to poor weather but the second day was a gliders’ sky. The day was an early start and they got me involved from the word go, pulling the gliders out of the hangars, assisting with assembling the wings, pushing out onto the airfield and attaching them to the tow plane. After a pre-flight briefing and some basic theory we were ready for the first of three flights.

20160714_130118_sThe first was in a GROB 109B, a motorised glider used to get the hang of basic controls, manoeuvres etc. The remaining two flights were carried out in full ASK21 glider, i.e no engine power and lasting up to 45 minutes on each session. I soared up to 3000 feet on the first two flights and on the third flight achieved an altitude of over 5000 feet, just at the base of the clouds!

It was challenging to say the least, looking for thermals to gain altitude and at the same time avoiding feeling sick from the continuous circling at times. But, what great fun it was when actually gliding in the skies above and especially carrying out a full loop, pulling over 2 ½g before coming into land at the end the day!

Overall it was an exciting day and a great learning experience. I even got a certificate to show for it, but the best part was being able to smash my target of £500 to raise money for this fantastic charity and knowing that I played an active part in making the lives of others better! I look forward to taking part in future events and being involved with AWB for the duration of my membership, which is Lifetime!

No. 3 feat

Jason’s gliding day was during the Farnborough Air Show and no sooner had he recovered from his gliding feat than he was off to Farnborough at the weekend armed with books of tickets for our ‘Win a flight in a Spitfire’ raffle.  Aerobility kindly offered a space by their stand and there he set up his own little stall.  Not only did Jason find himself to be a budding glider pilot and successful fundraiser but, by selling almost £800 worth of tickets over two days at Farnborough, proved to be a budding salesman as well. A truly successful week and a wonderful effort.

Jason's patch at Farnborough

Jason’s patch at Farnborough

A fantastic result from HAV’s runners and from Jason during one week in July and greatly appreciated by all at AWB.