ACS Flt Trg Glasgow_SliderDuring the week leading to our National Fly Kids Day the weather was mostly rain but, by good fortune, on the date of the event, Saturday 18th June, the day dawned with medium cloud cover, light winds, a comfortable temperature and high pressure. It was a flyable day and the event was a spectacular success.

Prestwick FC Prestwick AIn spite of the weather improvement not all, unfortunately, were able to get airborne and two flying clubs had to postpone, Buchan Aero Club at Longside near Peterhead because of an unacceptable cross wind and North Coates Flying Club at North Coates near Grimsby owing to misty conditions. Both are aiming to fly the youngsters at a later date.

The kids who did enjoy the thrill of a flight in a light aircraft had a great time and were overjoyed by the experience. The comments below tell of their responses.

‘It has been a fantastic experience for me,’ exclaimed Jamie. ‘I loved it,’ said Tom, and Michael added, ‘it has been one of the most unique and exciting times of my life and I would recommend it to anybody’. ‘A big thank you. You made my day,’ was Andre’s response.

Feet off the Ground (FOG) Bodmin AA big thank you also goes to all who so kindly contributed to the National Fly Kids Day, both the helpers on the ground and the pilots in the air, and a special thank you goes to those who helped organise the local events, including those clubs who were unable to participate on the day –

Mike Miller-Smith of Aerobility at Blackbushe, Wayne Precious, the star of the show, of Azure FC from Cranfield who flew 96 kids at Old Warden, Bruce Tibenham of Buchan AC at Longside, Derek Clyde of Cambrian FC at Swansea, Alan Falconer of Leading Edge FC at Cumbernauld and of ACS Flight Training at Glasgow, Keith Delderfield of the Douglas Bader Group (Bader Braves) at Ulster, Chris Anderson of Fife FC at Fife, Peter White of Feet of the Ground (FOG) at Bodmin, Mel of Goodwood AC at Goodwood, Richard Hawking of Helping Wings Jersey, Eric Isaac of Lancashire AC at Barton, Mac Clarke of Leicester AC at Leicester, Steve Charters of North Coates FC at North Coates, Simon Banks-Cooper of POM FC at Humberside, Pauline Gallagher of Prestwick FC at Prestwick, Norman Sutherland of the Scottish AC at Perth, Jack Milnes of Spirit of Goole at Goole, Hana Smiddy of Take Flight Aviation at Wellesbourne and Sue Girdler of TG Aviation at Lydd.

Lancashire FC Barton A

Our target was to fly 400 kids and we flew 376 children, a very good attempt considering two events were postponed. When these events are rescheduled we hope to exceed our target. Net year the National Fly Kids Day date for your diary is Saturday 24th June 2017 and our target then will be to fly 500 kids.

The National Fly Kids Day is all for children and young people and the photographs of the event tell the tale better that any text.

Take Flight Wellesbourne B

Scottish AC Perth ATG Aviation Lydd A POM FC Humberside B Leading Edge FC Cumbernauld A Lancashire FC Barton A Fife FC Fife C Fife FC Fife A Cambrian FC Swansea B Azure FC Old Warden C Azure FC Old Warden B Aerobility Blackbushe B

Take Flight Wellesbourne B