Andy’s Story

Following our previous news release announcing the winner of our 2016 Spitfire Raffle we caught up with Andy Reid after his once in a lifetime flight. “Like many a youngster of the 60’s, building Airfix models, including the iconic Spitfires, … Continue reading

Spitfire Scramble!

On 5th September 2017 our intrepid winner of last year’s Spitfire raffle, Andy Reid, finally managed to claim his prize and make it into the air. Andy, from Edinburgh, is an experience light aircraft pilot who owns a Cessna 182 … Continue reading

Success for National Fly Kids Day 2017

OVER 200 CHILDREN TAKE TO THE SKIES DURING THE 2017 NATIONAL KIDS FLY DAY Defeating wind and low cloud the annual Aviation Without Borders’ National Fly Kids Day was held on Saturday 24th June with 15 flying clubs and organisations … Continue reading

Countdown to Fly Kids Day 2017

It is now only a few weeks to go to our National Fly Kids Day, 24th June, the biggest event of the year for Aviation Without Borders. This year we have 21 flying cubs/organisations and 30 charities participating and our target … Continue reading